Jason Breedlove

Jason Lawrence Breedlove started performing for tips in small beer joints and clubs at the age of 16 . He formed his first band (The Last Men Standing) at age 18, which consisted of his friends Austin Cervantes, Alex Cutler, and a few others. Jason has stepped in as an honorary guitarist for Keith Mccoy and the CEO band, rhythm, and vocals. 
Jason has also headlined many venues from 2008 to 2015 in the Houston area such as Red River (now district 249), Cypress Saloon, FireHouse Saloon, Big Texas north, Kicks, The Armadillo, The Barn, Hurricane Junction, Maddens Louge, Cedar Creek, Gator Fest, amongst many others .
He played at three legendary honkytonks: Broken Spoke, Poodies, and The Hall of Fame in Bryan Tx.
In 2016 Jason took his music to southern California where he studied and picked up the Bakersville sound. 
In 2017 Jason started recording his first record with Jeff Huskin which will become his first album "Flipside". Influenced by artists like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Kevin Fowler, and Aaron Watson and seasoned with a dash of outlaw country likened to Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck , and Hank Williams Jr. 
In 2017 Jason formed his current band Flipside . 
In 2019 Jason has signed a distribution deal with Canadian label Artillery Music Group and is the first country act for the label! Jason's new album Cast Away starts production this month alongside producer Keith Mccoy at Astra record where he first began his recording career. As a member of the CMA of Texas , ISSA, and TCMA the Texas roots instilled in him have built this young artist into Nashville's underground honkytonk resurrection. 
"So many artist are coming back out with a more traditional sound that I needed to find away to break through the traffic . I feel my music is real and authentic. I follow no trends and I've always stuck to my guns". 

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