We are no longer signing Artists to our exclusive roster, however we will offer that if we come to you and offer the deal ( for the right artist we feel fit )

What we are offering:

Distribution and promotion/marketing ( White Lion Audio, Sony and Universal )
Artist must have a marketing budget
What we can do:
Spotify Promotions, commercial radio promotions and tracking. World wide radio PR.
TV and film placement marketing, social media marketing and a huge marketing network with thousands of listeners to an online radio  market, and paid royalties,  that comes with a complete marketing machine to serve this network
Showcases , show bookings and touring if needed
Major PR to magazines, blogs and reviews worldwide
Major Distribution of singles Ep's and albums

We have the Gold, Silver and Bronze package for our marketing budget to offer to our artists. Please email  to receive this info ( or fill the contact form here )

Stand alone Distribution Deals- in house promotion to a huge network. NO FUNDING

If you don't need distribution, or are already self distributed, we can still offer all the above without taking a distribution percentage ( LABEL SERVICES )

Label Services for Artists, Management, and Indy labels
Radio PR and Tracking
Video Promotion to TV and other outlets
Spotify Playlists and curating
Song pitching to Publishing, tv, movies, advertisements and more
World wide or specific area Press and publicity